"Craig is an excellent real estate agent. He worked with us for over four months trying to find us the perfect house. He never stopped looking, trying to find us exactly what we wanted. He always returned phone calls and was willing to go see a house any time that was convenient for us. When he found us our house, and yes he found it. He told us it was exactly what we wanted and he knew it was for us. As soon as we saw it, he was exactly right. The house had everything we wanted and then some, he could not have been more right. After four months, he did not give up looking and trying to find us the perfect house. If I ever go to see my house and buy a new one, I would definitely use Craig."

- Krista W., Trenton, MI

"I have known Craig Bollerud since 2010, he was my agent when I purchased my first home. My experience with him was amazing from the beginning. I experienced top-notch realty expertise. He was always expedient in returning my calls and sending virtual properties.
Craig scheduled all of my showings at my convenience either after work or on the weekends. What really impressed me with him, is he was very knowledgeable about all the areas I was interested in seeing? It took less than sixty days when Craig showed me the house I absolutely fell in love with.
When finalizing the paper work involved in closing the deal he was very helpful.
I highly recommend Craig to anyone looking for a highly effective and reliable real estate agent."

- Lena W., Detroit, MI

"It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Craig Bollerud. I have had the pleasure of working with him for seven months on the search of a new place that I could call home. I found Craig responsive, hardworking, level headed, energetic and resourceful and feel he would be an asset in any position with his core skills of hard work. Craig is a self-aware, self regulated and highly motivated individual with a stern passion to work for reasons beyond money or status, and a strong drive to achieve results. I always valued his opinion and can honestly extend my highest recommendation for Craig Bollerud."

- Tiari H., River Rouge, MI

"I cannot sing the praises of Craig Bollerud often enough. Craig went above and beyond what a realtor is expected to do while helping me to find the home of my dreams. I believe Craig set a record for number of homes shown to one client. We were approaching the triple digit number, but had fun while we looked. We saw the good, the bad and the ugly. Craig was available whenever I wanted to look at yet another house and always with a smile on his face. Although wrought with complicated circumstances, I was able to purchase my dream home after it went from private sale to short sale to foreclosure. Craig never gave up in assisting me to become a home owner.

It is with absolutely no hesitation that I highly recommend Craig Bollerud for any of your real estate needs. He is knowledgeable, competent, and pleasant through the entire process. Whenever I hear of someone needing a realtor, Craig's name and contact information are passed on to my friends.

- Patricia K., Brownstown Twp., MI

"I've worked with Craig to purchase two properties in the last 6 months and I have been continually impressed with this professionalism and candor. Craig has a great personality, an in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, and was willing to show me as many houses as I needed to find my next home. Overall, working with Craig has been a great experience and I highly recommend him. 11/29/2012"

- Matthew O., Michigan

"Lots of energy and always smiling. Craig will take the time to show as many homes you may want to see. Pulls up stats, very prompt with apointments. Holds you at interest. Very informative. A real go getter!!!! 08/06/2012"

- diehard02, Michigan

"Craig listed our home in May. He relentlessly sought out ways to promote and sell the home, often incurring significant expenses. He was available in a timely manner always, and never lost his determination and zeal to make sure we were happy, and above all that our house was sold. Even when another Realtor came in with prospective buyers, Craig spent hours doing his job to present information to them, comparable properties and explained why they really were getting a great home. He went over and above for us by convincing them and producing evidence-based facts on why they should buy our wonderful property. And in 6 months we had a home sale - at our price!...despite a slow market in the Detroit area!!! I have no doubt that if it had been any other Realtor, they may not have been as dedicated as Craig. He is the BEST!!!! 10/26/2012"

- Newport, Michigan

"It was very hard looking for the right home and it took a while but Craig was very patient with me and he worked with me after hours, even up to 10 at night and I really appreciated that. 10/04/2012"


"I was referred to Craig by a co-worker who he also helped in the purchase of her first home. I was very impressed with his dedication, attention to detail, honesty, promptness, and very positive attitude. He won't waste your time and most importantly doesn't insist on focusing his ideas or listings onto potential buyers. As a first time buyer, he was very patient with me and explained what real estate terms such as short sales and its loopholes, bank-owned properties and the likelihood of mortgage agencies to lend. He gave great advice on what to offer on each listing. For first-time buyers, I highly recommend Craig Bollerud. He is enthusiastic, energetic, knowledgeable, and very professional. He simply is a breath of fresh air! Happy hunting! 10/04/2012"

- Redford, Michigan

"Our house is for sale with Craig as the listing Realtor. He is energetic, thoughtful about how best to sell the house, and has invested much time (and his own money!) to put our house out there and make it visible. He even makes sure that the house is looking attractive to potential buyers and offers great advice on how to best do that. I have no doubt he will make sure we are successful! 08/16/2012"

- Estral Beach, Michigan

"Buying a home right now is very competitive. There are more homes in Michigan than there are residents, yet it is very hard to find a decent home. It is a Buyers market and its very cut-throat. Craig knows the market and he knows how to spot the good homes. Take his advice and you'll be a new home owner in no time. Thank you f\or all your help Craig! 08/06/2012"

- Doug & Amanda C.

"Craig is the best guy for buying a house. I got one off him in 2010 and it was great. He was there for me after hours and worked with me on finding the house of my dreams and since then my sister and now my dad have gotten a house from Craig. Great Job!! 03/31/2012"

- Rockwood, Michigan

"I'm writing a personal referral for Craig Bollerud. Craig has been an excellent realtor and has helped me in many hardship situations to sell my homes. Craig is very knowledgeable in short sales and has worked very hard for me. Craig is always looking out for his clients interest and does not just try to make a $ale. He is very professional, prompt and is very good at what he does. I would highly recommend Craig for any real estate needs especially if your home is up side down in equity."

- B.M. Flowery, Taylor, Michigan

"I am writing this letter on behalf of the Craig Bollerud. Craig has been my real estate agent for the past three years. As an investor, Craig has been involved in several real estate transactions of mine. Craig is always very friendly and extremely business orientated but with a smile. He is always very friendly and respectful.

What really stands out with Craig is the way he conducts business. He provides great advice and is up front about his professional recommendations. Each transaction with Craig was easy. He walks you through the process and tells you what to expect. He got me to the closing table each time as promised even though these were transactions that most would not handle. I would highly recommend Craig for any real estate deal."

- T. Wallace, Taylor, Michigan